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MOJOKO "Reactive Wall" artist print

1000 TWD

MOJOKO "Reactive Wall"

Offset printing on 200gsm fine art matt paper
Limited edition of 100
Numbered and signed


Artist: Mojoko (aka Steve Lawler)
Size: 41.7 x 59.4 cm (16.4" x 23.4")



Mojoko (aka Steve Lawler)

Born in Iran, raised in Hong kong and educated in Europe. Mojoko (aka Steve Lawler) attended the prestigious FABRICA art residency in Treviso, Northern Italy in 2001. Launching his interactive design career at Diesel HQ, he quickly climbed through the creative industry as an artist, designer, art director and Creative Director. Creator of the Kult Magazine, Gallery & Studio. His work has expanded into curation, installation, interactive design and fine art. Having worked some of the most exciting artists, designers and animators around the world, he now operates within a network of over 600 artists under the label Kult.

His artistic work is an exploration of Trash Pop culture colliding with the Old & historical, mixing media such as computer programming, digital sculpture, painting and printmaking. His works have regularly been showcased around the world at International Institutions and independent galleries.

"Reacting to the bombardment of images of todays visual culture, he reworks and spits out mutations of the glossy pop, advertising world. The work is a reaction to living in Modern Asia. The TV, internet, outdoor advertising culture has influenced every aspect of his work, and his focus is dedicated to learning those tools of Visual Communication in order to subvert them."

出生於伊朗,在香港長大,並在歐洲受教育。 Mojoko(又名Steve Lawler)於2001年在義大利北部Tresviso著名的FABRICA駐村。他在Diesel Headquaters開始了他的互動設計生涯,之後便快速攀升為創意產業藝術家、設計師、藝術總監及創意總監。 身兼 Kult雜誌/畫廊/工作室的創作者之外,他更將觸角延伸至策展、佈展、互動設計及美術。在與世界各地有趣的藝術家、設計師及動畫師合作後,他目前經營一個以Kult為品牌,擁有超過六百位藝術家的網站。

他的藝術作品是垃圾流行文化與老歷史的探究,結合了像是電腦程式、數位雕塑、繪畫與版畫的媒體素材 。他的作品並定期在世界各地的國際機構與獨立畫廊展出。


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